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Manitowoc Lift Solutions

The Manitowoc Crane Lift Solutions Team is a group of sales, engineering, purchasing and operations professionals that is dedicated to helping customers with unique and customized applications for their Manitowoc cranes, regardless of product line. Whether you are looking for an application for a new crane or a legacy product, the Lift Solutions team is here for your.

The Lift Solutions Team provides resources, information and a variety of services:

  • New application development
  • Customization of existing products
  • Approval for special crane operations
  • Lift plans / erection procedures (Lattice cranes)
  • Custom load charts
  • Accident investigation support
  • Structural modifications


To request a Lift Solutions application, please fill out this form and submit it to your dealer.

The Manitowoc Lift Solutions Team is ready to assist you with configuring your crane to exact requirements, making it the perfect tool for your job. Contact one of our representatives today. 

If you have questions about structural repairs or purchasing replacement parts for current or past models, please contact the Crane CARE team for assistance.